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Exploring the interconnectedness of worlds

I am currently exploring every facet of imaginary underwater worlds. I am painting these in watercolour and acrylic, delighting in creatures, plants, diatoms, bubbles, glitter, specks and a mixture of land, sea and air elements. Realism blends with fantasy, blends with wonder of the world below.  

I focused on art in high school and graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a concentration in acrylic painting. My professors were Doug Morton, Robert Youds and Pat Martin Bates, among other influential Victoria artists. My philosophy professor, J.O. Young also taught me great thinking and musing skills. I finished a master's degree in Public Relations at MSVU in Nova Scotia in 2018, helping with my critical thinking, as well as perspectives on racism, privilege, consumerism, social responsibility and social status.

Shows include UVic, the Ministry of Health, the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria and the Oak Bay Studio Artist Tour.

I joined the Gage Gallery Arts Collective in 2023, in downtown Victoria and am overjoyed with being part of an art community, learning, talking and seeing all art, all the time. 

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